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Fuzzy Stitchworks is a one man side business based in lovely Northeast Ohio.  Fuzzy began in 2018 when I was preparing to set off on my first ever bike tour.  I was over-analyzing how I was going to carry my gear and began lusting after bikepacking style bags.  Rather than buy something that might not fit my obscure frame, I decided to borrow a sewing machine (Thanks Mom!), buy some funky fabric, and learn how to make my own.  My buddies started asking me to make bags for their bikes, and all of a sudden a small business was born.

I strive to make quality bags with a bit of personality.  Bike bags should be just like bikes - FUN...and also exceptionally practical.  My personal love of all thinks funky fresh is reflected in the fabrics I work with.  That said, I would be happy to craft you a bag that reflects YOU, even if that bag is all black and boring.  

Unfortunately, Fuzzy Stitchworks is not a full time gig at this point, so lead times can get long.  I really love custom work, but it always takes longer than a stocked item.  I try to be very upfront about lead times so don't hesitate to ask! 

So please take a look around the site.  If you don't find what you are looking for, let's talk! 


Brian is the man behind the bags.  He firmly believes that life is too short to be too serious - so have some fun!


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